Development And Infrastructure

Development and infrastructure has the potential to directly and indirectly impact on the environment if undertaken inappropriately and without consideration of the surrounding environmental values. Clearing of land for urban development exposes the soil surface to wind and water erosion, and may lead to enhanced surface water flows from a site, potentially impacting on surrounding water bodies. For larger infrastructure projects, dewatering of groundwater is often required, and this may expose Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS), which may lead to groundwater contamination and impact on Groundwater Dependent Vegetation (GDE), affecting the biodiversity of an area.

Soilwater Consultants (SWC) can specifically undertake the following work to quantify the potential risks on the environment of proposed development, investigate and confirm the nature and magnitude of impacts, develop and implement remediation and rehabilitation activities to mitigate these impacts, and undertake monitoring to test the efficacy of remediation works and establish when closure and site relinquishment can be obtained: